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  • Online health + nutrition coaching
  • Online health + nutrition coaching
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Online health + nutrition coaching

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About the product

Do you have that one old favourite pair of jeans that you’ve been trying to squeeze back in to for years? Does your digestion cause you problems? Or do you wish you could finally start the day feeling more fighting fit? 

Weight loss, gut health, well-being – whatever your priorities are, maintaining the right diet is the basis of leading a healthy life. Let our professionals help you find the perfect diet for you.

What you gain from our nutritional coaching over the phone:

  • our many years of experience enable us to navigate the complex world of nutrition and diets
  • personalised support from qualified nutritionists
  • tips and/or nutrition plans or supplement plans tailored to you
  • answers to your questions with modern approaches based on current scientific studies
  • tried-and-tested and clear recommendations
  • health from a single source – we don’t stop at nutritional advice
  • save now by booking the triple coaching bundle 

10 basic cerascreen® tips on nutrition:

  1. Eat a varied diet
  2. Enjoy a diet rich in vegetables and fruit
  3. Opt for natural foods
  4. Maintain a healthy balance between plant-based and animal foods
  5. Prioritise good vegetable fats
  6. Be careful with sugar and salt
  7. Drink plenty of water
  8. Prepare food with care
  9. Eat mindfully and enjoy
  10. Watch your weight and keep moving

Frequently asked questions about the product

Is nutritional coaching also useful for people who have already received a diagnosis?

Absolutely! If you suffer from a disease (e.g. gout, oedema, diabetes, etc.), you may often find advice on a targeted diet very helpful. Consciously boost your body’s health with an optimal diet.

Where does the coaching session take place?

Within the comfort of your own home or whilst on the go. Our experts will contact you by phone.

What happens after I order?

Step 1: Order confirmation
You will receive your order confirmation via email.

Step 2: Book your appointment
You will receive a second email after your booking with important information about your appointment. Simply select an appointment time that suits you in our calendar and reserve a 30- or 60-minute slot, depending on your booking. If you don’t receive an email within 48 hours of booking, check your spam or junk folder or contact us

Step 3: Get started
Our experts will contact you for your appointment and will give you advice on your problems, wishes and goals!

What are the benefits of having a nutritionist?

This depends on how often you are in contact with your nutritionist. For a few questions and small problems, we recommend at least three 30-minute sessions. For larger problems, we recommend five to ten 30-minute sessions. Setting up a nutrition plan is only one of many tasks for which a nutritionist is responsible. In addition, you will receive guidance on keeping a food diary or how to stay motivated with your diet plan. Together, you define the physical health goals you’d like to achieve.

How useful is nutritional coaching?

If you weigh significantly more than what is healthy or you have already failed with numerous diets, then nutritional coaching is the right next step for you. You could also benefit from nutritional advice for diabetes, heart problems and thyroid dysfunction.