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  • Kickstarter - Vitamin B Complex

Kickstarter - Vitamin B Complex


  • Form: Capsules
  • Content: 90 pieces
  • EAN : 745760375387
  • Basic price: 77,38€ / 100g
30,95 €
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Checked by our nutritionists
High bioavailability
Natural ingredients
100% vegan

Frequently asked questions about Kickstarter - Vitamin B Complex

Product features

Animal ingredients have no place in our products. We rely only on natural ingredients, so that your body can absorb our capsules well. Herbal ingredients from natural medicine with important minerals for a long-lasting effect and, of course, without additives. Despite sufficient sleep, do you often feel tired and exhausted? Then the vegan vitamin B complex capsules are just right for you! The natural nutrients can help you feel fitter and more alert in your everyday life.

Storage instructions

Keep the product out of reach of small children. Please keep the product dry, away from sunlight and not above 25° C


MYLILY is a fast-growing Hamburg-based startup specialising in female hygiene, beauty and health. The founding team is experienced and has already founded several successful startups. We are transparent, sustainable and think women are wonderful. We are as strong as you are.

Country of manufacture

Product is made in Germany.

What do I need the product for?

Vitamin B5 contributes to optimal mental performance. B6 and B12 help reduce fatigue and exhaustion. B1, B3, B6 and B12 help maintain normal energy metabolism. Now, there’s nothing standing in your way!

Product information

Goodbye to tiredness! Our vitamin B complex reduces lack of energy and exhaustion with the combined power of natural ingredients such as quinoa and many B vitamins. So that you can get going full of energy - all day long!

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