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  • Packaging of the Improve Fitness from Cerascreen
  • Contents of the DNA Fitness Testkit from Cerascreen: Packaging, instructions, swabs, sample tubes, return envelope
  • Contents of the Amino Acid Testkit from Cerascreen: Packaging, instructions, lancets, plaster, dry blood card, disinfection wipe, return envelope
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Improve Fitness

Improve Fitness

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About the product

Fitness enthusiasts have long been aware that athleticism is not just a result of exercise. Nutrients, sleep, choosing the right type of exercise - there are numerous factors that influence your athletic performance. These include your genetics, which determine your athletic potential, endurance type and muscle fibre (twitch) type. Your intake of amino acids is also relevant; these are crucial for your muscle strength.

The Improve Fitness Test Bundle consists of two cerascreen® health tests that will help you improve your fitness and athletic performance: the Amino Acid Test and the DNA Fitness Test.

DNA Fitness Test

Every person has their individual predispositions when it comes to sports and fitness. Your endurance level, how exactly your muscle fibres function and the likelihood of intense training causing you oxidative stress and bone loss - these and many other factors are influenced by your genetics.

For the cerascreen® DNA Fitness Test, a specialised medical laboratory analyses six gene variants in a saliva sample. The analysis provides you with information about your predispositions. With this information, you can adapt your individual fitness programme and diet to suit your DNA.

This way, you can help optimise your performance and reduce health risks caused by intensive training.

Amino Acid Test

Amino acids are the basic building blocks when it comes to proteins. Like all living beings, humans need amino acids to carry out important functions in their bodies - from hormone production to strengthening the immune system and developing muscle.

Some amino acids – namely, the essential amino acids – must be obtained via high-protein foods. However, not all people have the same amino acid requirements. It is possible that some muscles are heavily used in some intensive sports and therefore require a greater number of amino acids. A vegetarian or vegan diet can also mean your body has a lower supply of amino acids.

With the cerascreen® Amino Acid Test, you can assess the levels of 26 different amino acids in your body - and receive tips on how to optimise your intake.

Improve Fitness

  • Enjoy convenient and easy sample-taking from home (saliva and blood sample)
  • Save time: no doctor’s appointment, no waiting time
  • Receive tips and recommendations about fitness and your amino acid levels, based on your genetics
  • Get your results within three weeks after the sample’s arrival in the laboratory

Frequently asked questions about the product

How does the test work?

The Improve Fitness Test Bundle contains two cerascreen send-in sample kits:

  • A blood sample kit for the Amino Acid Test
  • A saliva sample kit for the DNA Fitness Test

The kits contain everything you need to take a blood sample from your fingertip and a saliva sample for your oral mucosa. Next, send in your samples with the return envelope to be analysed in a specialised medical laboratory.

As soon as your samples have been analysed in the laboratory, you will receive a notification via email and via the My cerascreen app. You can then download your results report in the app or by logging in on our website.

What does the results report show me?

The results report will give you a clear and comprehensible analysis of your test results.

In this test bundle, you will find out:

  • Your values for 26 amino acids in nanomoles per millilitre of blood
  • Your predisposition to the following: tendency to develop oxidative stress, muscle loss, your endurance type and your muscle fibre type

Which recommendations will I receive?

The two results reports will give you recommendations you can easily implement in your everyday life. From your DNA analysis, you will find out how you can optimise your amino acid levels through your diet and personalise your fitness routine to suit you.

For example, by taking the DNA Fitness Test, you will find out which muscle type you are likely to have – that is, if you possess slow-twitch, medium-twitch or fast-twitch muscle fibres. Your muscle fibre type can give you an indication of whether you tend to perform better in endurance sports or in weight training.

Moreover, you will receive access to additional informative material, in which we will explain to you the links between your test results and your fitness and give you further tips to use in your everyday life.

For whom is the test not suitable?

The test bundle is not suitable for or is only suitable for particular groups of people to a certain extent:

  • People with contagious diseases, like hepatitis or HIV, are not allowed to take the tests.
  • People with blood disease (haemophilia) should not take the tests.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women should only carry out the tests under medical supervision. The reference values and recommendations do not apply to them, so they should obtain recommendations on the test results from their doctor.
  • The tests are not suitable for children under the age of 18 years.

The tests are not intended for diagnosing diseases. For example, if you are obese and suffer from acute pain, you should consult a doctor.

Why are children under 18 not allowed to take the test?

Our tests are not suitable for underage children and adolescents under the age of 18. Under 18s cannot activate the tests online and therefore cannot receive a test result. We ask that you do not administer the tests to your children either.

Children and adolescents need much closer supervision and counselling regarding medical tests and their interpretation. Testing with lancets and chemicals is not without risk and would need to be closely supervised by guardians. In addition, the reference values we give are always based on adult data. In the case of children, the risk of misinterpreting the results would be very high.

We want to fulfil our responsibility as a provider of medical products and ensure that children and adolescents are not unsettled by measurement results that are difficult for them to interpret. Since we cannot control whether the minors' legal guardians actually consent to the test being carried out and supervise them, we exclude tests for under 18s altogether.

If you are under 18 and have purchased a test, please contact our customer support.


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This is how it works

1. Test at home

Your test kit contains everything you need to draw a small sample of blood from your fingertip. Then send the sample back to us free of charge in the enclosed return envelope.

2. View results online

After the evaluation in the medical specialist laboratory, you will have online access to your personal result report.

3. Act

Your access to the test results and the evidence-based findings and tips to improve your health: the my cerascreen® user profile on our website or our app.