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  • DNA Metabolism Test - Genetic Testing with cerascreen
  • Cerascreen - DNA Metabolism Test
  • DNA Metabolism Test

DNA Metabolism Test

DNA Metabolism Test for a genetic diet

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About the DNA Metabolism Test

Are you looking for a healthy genetic diet that works just right for you? There is little point in trying out one diet after another. The alternative: a look into your DNA! How strongly you feel hunger and how well your body utilises fat and carbohydrates is determined by your genetic material. Scientists have identified that genes are linked to your metabolism. This allows you to derive your personal DNA diet based on your genes.

The cerascreen® DNA Metabolism Test is a diagnostic sample taking and mail-in test that you can use at the convenience of your own home. Take the DNA Metabolism Test to analyse seven genes that are related to your metabolism, hunger, satiety and fat reduction. From the detailed results report, you will learn which diet and which sport are most compatible with your individual DNA.

DNA Metabolism Test

  • Convenient and discrete sample taking at home
  • State-of-the-art DNA analysis
  • The right diet for your body and DNA
  • Based on scientific findings
  • Receive your result within 4 to 6 weeks after sample’s arrival in the laboratory

Result of the DNA Metabolism Test

As soon as your sample has been analysed, you will receive a notification via the my cerascreen® - App or your user account on website for your test result. You can view your results on your smartphone, tablet, or computer and you can also print it out as well .

Find out from the laboratory analysis whether you are more of a carbohydrate metaboliser or fat metaboliser, whether you are a heavy hunger type or feel strong sensations of hunger and which sport suits your muscle fibre type. Learn through easy-to-apply recommendations how your personalised genetic diet can help you lose weight without losing muscle mass. The in-depth health information in the results report will explain the relationship between genes, metabolism and weight.

Review this product

Review this product

This is how it works

1. Test at home

Your test kit contains everything you need to take a small saliva sample. Then send the sample back to us free of charge in the enclosed return envelope.

2. View results online

After the evaluation in the medical specialist laboratory, you will have online access to your personal result report.

3. Act

Your access to the test results and the evidence-based findings and tips to improve your health: the my cerascreen® user profile on our website or our app.