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  • Cerascreen - DNA Home Test Kit
  • DNA Bonus Package
  • DNA Bonus Package
  • DNA Bonus Package
  • DNA Bonus Package

DNA Bonus Package

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Product information

About the DNA Bonus Package

As soon as your sample has been analysed, you will receive a notification via the my cerascreen® App or your user account on our website for your test result. You can view your results on your smartphone, tablet, or computer and you can also print it out as well.

Find out from the laboratory analysis whether you are more of a carbohydrate metaboliser or fat metaboliser and whether you are a heavy hunger type or feel strong sensations of hunger. Learn through easy-to-apply recommendations how your personalised genetic diet can help you lose weight without losing muscle mass. The in-depth health information in the results report will explain the relationship between genes, metabolism and weight.

DNA Bonus Package

You can order the following tests in addition to your DNA test: 

Please note: This offer is an additional product that you can only claim if you have already purchased one of the tests mentioned above. Select the additional product you would like to book in the following menu:


Frequently asked questions about DNA Bonus Package

When can I order the DNA Bonus Package?

This offer is valid for customers who have already purchased one of the five DNA tests from cerascreen®. If you are one of these people, you can buy additional DNA tests at a significantly reduced price.

Our medical partner laboratory will analyse the data from the same sample that you took for the original DNA test you ordered.

The following tests can be combined with each other via our DNA Bonus Package:

  • DNA Metabolism Test
  • DNA Fitness Test
  • DNA Skin Test
  • DNA Heart Health Test
  • DNA Vitamin Metabolism Test

How do I order the DNA Bonus Package?

Simply purchase one of the bonus packages. You will then receive an email with a test ID that you can activate via your my cerascreen user account or the my cerascreen app. That’s all you need to do - as soon as the sample has been analysed, you will automatically receive your personal results report.

If you want to book several bonus DNA tests, that’s not a problem: simply add as many of the bonus packages to your shopping basket as you like, as if you are buying multiple products. The tests can then all be carried out using the analysis of your original saliva sample.

How long after the first booked DNA test can I use the bonus package?

You can actually book the DNA Bonus Packages at any time! Our partner laboratory records the gene variants relevant to the tests for all DNA saliva samples. The data can then be investigated for further analyses later on.

Have you already purchased one of our DNA tests? You can purchase the bonus packages and discover even more about your genetic background.

What does the results report tell me?

For each bonus package you order, you will receive a separate results report. The report will give you clear and understandable results.

For the DNA tests, our partner laboratory analyses very specific genes in each sample and searches for variations to these genes. The results give you an indication as to whether you have certain tendencies or not - these could be, for example, risks of developing certain diseases, increased nutritional requirements or sports that are particularly suitable for you.

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Review this product

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This is how it works

1. Test at home

Your test kit contains everything you need to take a small saliva sample. Then send the sample back to us free of charge in the enclosed return envelope.

2. View results online

After the evaluation in the medical specialist laboratory, you will have online access to your personal result report.

3. Act

Your access to the test results and the evidence-based findings and tips to improve your health: the my cerascreen® user profile on our website or our app.

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