Supplements to boost the immune system

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Vitamin B12 drops
500 µg vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) per serving
29,90 €
Vitamin D3 Capsules (D3+K2)
25 μg vitamin D3, 100 μg vitamin K per daily dose
39,90 €
serotalin® capsules
Selected nutrients for the formation of serotonin
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Iron capsules
50 mg iron from iron bisglycinate per daily dose
34,90 €
Vitamin B Complex Capsules
Contains all 8 B vitamins in bioactive form
39,90 €
Iron capsules
28 mg iron per capsule, with vitamin C, B12 and folic acid
29,90 €
Zinc capsules
25 mg zinc per capsule
29,90 €
Vitamin D3 drops (D3 + K2)
Vitamin D3 drops (D3 + K2)
vegan, 50 µg vitamin D3, 25 µg vitamin K2 per serving
29,90 €

Why is it important to boost the Immune system?

Our immune system is a collection of mechanisms that protects us from diseases and other risks. Upon weakening of the immune system, it can no longer effectively ward off pathogens, pollutants and other invasive agents. The consequence: We are more susceptible to infections, catching every cold or flu infection, and are at increased risk towards many other diseases. That's why it makes sense to specifically reinforce your own immune system.

Causes of a weak immune system

In addition to some diseases that will weaken the immune system, a lack of nutrients can contribute towards a weakened immunity. For the immune system to work at its full capacity, it requires a whole host of vitamins and minerals, most of which we consume in our diets.

Vitamin D, for example, contributes towards a smooth functioning of the immune system. Scientists have therefore asked whether this vitamin can protect against colds. In studies on this, those with vitamin D deficiency showed an increased susceptibility towards infections, and those with healthy vitamin D levels night under circumstances have a reduced severity and frequency of colds. The challenge with vitamin D: We can only consume about 10 to 20 percent of our needs through our diets. The rest is produced by our body itself, but needs UVB radiation from the sun, which is not always present in sufficient amounts in northern latitudes.

The mineral zinc is involved in building the immune system and according to studies can assist the immune system and reduce the duration of a cold. However, this probably only works if you take zinc supplements within the first 24 hours after being infected. For general prevention, zinc does not seem to be effective. Our body also needs the mineral magnesium to build up and activate immune cells.

Deficiencies of the trace element iron as well as vitamin B12 may also weaken the immune system, with both nutrients playing a role in immune defence. Both iron deficiency and vitamin B12 deficiency are relatively common among vegans and vegetarians, since these nutrients mainly occur in animal foods.

How can I strengthen my immune system?

In order to strengthen your immune system, you can make sure it does not need to go without any vital nutrients. With the cerascreen® self-tests, you can simply check levels of the minerals zinc, magnesium and selenium, the trace element iron, vitamin D and vitamin B12 in the comfort of your home. For each of these tests you use a lancet to take a small blood sample at your fingertip before it is sent on to a specialist laboratory.

After evaluation by the lab, you shall receive a detailed results report showing you the levels of the nutrient you are measuring and providing you with recommendations that will help you get your values back on track. You can reinforce your immune system, for example, by counteracting a nutrient deficiency with a targeted change in diet or by taking dietary supplements.