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Beauty tests – stay beautiful

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it is also constantly changing, along with beauty trends and fashions. Nevertheless, certain criteria are still considered beautiful by most people: Youth, vitality, fitness. A healthy complexion, and full hair. This also shows: that your health is good! One recipe for maintaining your beauty is therefore a healthy lifestyle, with a balanced nutrition, adequate sleep and regular exercise.

Preserve your natural beauty

Certain processes within the body are particularly closely tied up with our external appearance. This is also true for some of the nutrients that our body needs.

One of the classics in beauty and anti-ageing products is coenzyme Q10. Q10 is a kind of biochemical motor that provides energy within our cells. It is also a so-called radical scavenger. It traps so-called free radicals, which trigger inflammatory processes in cells and in so doing promote, for example, cancer and cell ageing. If the body has enough Q10 at its disposal, it will probably be better able to counteract wrinkles and tighten the skin. The body makes Q10 itself and also absorbs it via the diet. Skin creams can also be used to deliver additional Q10.

Vitamin D is needed by our body to maintain the protective barrier of the skin and form new skin cells. If the vitamin is lacking, infections on the skin, pimples and acne can occur. Among other things, a healthy vitamin D level can therefore naturally contribute to maintaining an even and beautiful complexion. However, vitamin D deficiency is widespread in central and northern Europe. The body needs sunlight to produce the vitamin, and often gets too little from a few hours of sunshine and indoors.

Vitamin B12 is important for blood formation. Adequate vitamin B12 therefore counteracts paleness and lends the skin a healthy colour. Vitamin B12 deficiency occurs especially in vegetarians and vegans, since this vitamin is mainly ingested through animal foods. Nevertheless, pregnant women, the elderly and people who suffer from chronic stress or type 2 diabetes can often have too little vitamin B12. Whoever detects a deficiency can counteract it with dietary supplements, and so maybe refresh their skin.

Test beauty nutrients

Would you like to know whether you can positively influence your beauty through nutrients? Using the self-tests from cerascreen®, you can check whether the levels of the "beauty nutrients" vitamin D, vitamin B12 and coenzyme Q10 are on track - and whether it is worth supplementing the substances using creams and dietary supplements. You will receive the tests as a home test kit. Then you can sample a few drops of blood which you collect in a collection tube and send to our laboratory. After the evaluation, the laboratory will send you a detailed results report with your result and specific recommendations for action.