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Fitness - physical and mental performance

Our bodies can do some truly great things - but only with the right fuel. To ensure the right physical and cognitive performance, we need a whole range of nutrients. Vitamins and minerals play a role, as well as hormones.

Physical performance

Magnesium is considered to be a classic fitness mineral: Those who do not take enough magnesium cannot operate at their full capacity and run the risk of being afflicted with the dreaded leg cramps. The body needs magnesium after exercise to build muscle, and it also promotes fat reduction. But other minerals are also important: Zinc also stimulates muscle build-up, while selenium helps muscles to regenerate during resting periods. In addition, Omega 3 fatty acids promote stamina and muscle growth and reduce recovery phases after highly strenuous exercising sessions.

Selenium and zinc also have another pleasant side effect: They stimulate the formation of the male sex hormone testosterone. Testosterone also occurs in women, in whom it is crucial for building muscle mass. A testosterone deficiency can weaken muscle strength and physical performance. Iron also mediates the transport of oxygen in the blood throughout the body. In this way it also ensures the oxygenation of our muscles. If we do a lot of sports, and particularly endurance sports, our muscles consume more oxygen. To ensure that this supply continues working smoothly, more iron is needed.

Cognitive performance

Our brain, too, can only work efficiently with the right nutrients. Vitamin B12, for example, protects the nerve cells. A lack of vitamin B12 leads to fatigue and headache and impairs cognitive performance. Since vitamin B12 only occurs in certain foods, such a deficiency is not uncommon in Germany, and often develops over years. Vegetarians and vegans are particularly at risk.

Vitamin D also helps us maintain mental fitness. A vitamin D deficiency manifests itself, among other ways, as fatigue and in problems staying alert and concentrating. In addition, vitamin D is relevant for physical performance, with the vitamin being needed for building muscles and bones.

The fatty acid Omega 3 can also help to ensure that mental performance is not compromised. Some studies have even shown that Omega 3 supplements slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease.

Test fitness and performance

Do you want to know what your physical and cognitive performance is and where you can start optimising it? Then test how your essential vitamins, minerals and hormones are balanced in your body. Using the cerascreen® self-tests you can easily carry out the necessary measurements in the comfort of your own home. To do this, take a small blood or saliva sample at home and send it by post to our specialist laboratory. A few days later you shall receive a detailed results report - and find out e.g. whether you have a lack of vitamins, minerals or the hormone testosterone.