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Sleep Capsules
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BRAINEFFECT was founded in 2015 by Fabian Foelsch and the Berlin-based investor Schober Ventures. With the goal of improving physical and mental performance, the company develops and distributes high-quality performance food products and nutritional supplements.

Success begins in the mind: as a former competitive athlete, BRAINEFFECT founder Fabian Foelsch is convinced that mental strength leads to success – whether it’s winning a gold medal or successfully completing a project at work, for example. His vision is therefore to promote mental strength not only for professional athletes but for everyone who wants to be at their best in everyday life.

BRAINEFFECT supplements: eat. perform. sleep.

eat. perform. sleep.’ is BRAINEFFECT’s success formula for boosting your mental performance. Based on this success formula, BRAINEFFECT develops study-based recipes and supplements in cooperation with athletes, doctors and nutritionists for all those who want to achieve their goals.

Depending on your goal – for example, boosting your energy or ability to concentrate, reducing stress or enjoying a restful sleep, BRAINEFFECT’s products, which are mainly produced in Germany, can be taken either individually or with each other.

What makes BRAINEFFECT products unique is that special care is taken to produce high-quality supplements. Not only are studies carried out to test the effectiveness of all products, ingredients are carefully selected – most of which boast a high bioavailability, meaning they can be absorbed and utilised by the body particularly well. Another great USP for BRAINEFFECT products is that they contain natural products; no animal products are used to produce them.

How do I boost better nutrient intake, energy and sleep?

BRAINEFFECT sells various food products and dietary supplements to increase your physical and mental performance. Their products are particularly in demand among athletes and people who want to be in top shape in their everyday working lives.

In our shop, we offer numerous BRAINEFFECT food supplements, including food supplements containing micronutrients, vitamin D or omega 3, minerals and antioxidants. While antioxidants protect against cellular stress, capsules containing micronutrients, such as vitamin B5, promote better concentration and memory. Besides these impressive products, our BRAINEFFECT collection also includes food supplements for optimal post-workout regeneration and also for gut health.

How do I take BRAINEFFECT supplements?

Whether you need to boost your performance in your general day-to-day life, during sports or at bedtime, BRAINEFFECT supplements are there to help you – in many different forms. And what’s more, many BRAINEFFECT products are suitable for vegans!

Products for promoting noticeable sleep improvement include delicious shakes, melatonin sprays and capsules, as well as food supplements containing B vitamins and vitamin D.