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Food Reaction Test - 17%

Food Reaction Test

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Vitamin D Test - 26%

Vitamin D Test

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Omega 3 Test - 20%

Omega-3 Test

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About cerascreen®

Proven system for improved wellbeing.

cerascreen® offers personalised health: Health care, diagnosis and advice are now possible from your home – quickly and easily. You can organise preventative care and receive the appropriate offer with just a click. We will not leave you in the lurch with your diagnosis, and we offer you comprehensive information and nutritional recommendations along with suitable dietary supplements. No matter whether you suspect an existing food intolerance or allergy, aim to clarify existing symptoms or simply wish to monitor your current vitamin, mineral or hormone balance – you’ve made the right choice with us!

Our laboratory

TÜV tested, reliable and accurate

cerascreen® is a fellow subsidiary of the company DST Diagnostic Systems & Technologies, which has specialised in holistic diagnosis for over 10 years. The cerascreen® concept is based on long-standing experience in DST human diagnosis along with the expertise and advice offered by experienced health specialists in diverse disciplines.

  • TÜV in accordance with EN ISO 13485
  • regularly participating in ring trials

Our tests

Blood tests

The blood tests only require a few drops of blood to determine an exact result in line with a gold standard. The blood provides important information regarding a potential vitamin or mineral deficiency while allowing conclusions to be drawn about allergies and special illnesses. This includes a food reaction test as well as histamine intolerance, celiac disease, vitamin D and vitamin B12.

Saliva tests

The saliva tests reveal individual determinations, through to entire daily hormone profiles. In this way, your profiles are typically examined in regard to testosterone or cortisol. When it comes to cortisol, cerascreen offers the option of creating a daily profile, which you can use to track the progression of your hormone status.