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Vitamin D Test - 15%

Vitamin D Test

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34,00 €

Food Reaction Test - 17%

Food Reaction Test

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119,00 €

Vitamin B12 Test - 14%

Vitamin B12 Test

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69,00 €

Ferritin Blood Test - 13%

Ferritin Blood Test

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39,00 €

Our Lab

Certified, reliable and accurate

We focus on delivering trustworthy and accurate results by working with the best accredited and certified laboratories that regularly participate in interlaboratory proficiency testing. Our goal is to always ensure a high level of quality and competency. All our partners are laboratories that provide extensive experience and are trusted as well as utilised by physicians all across Europe. Our setup of using anonymous Test-IDs ensures maximum data protection and privacy.

We use the highest certification standards for quality management:

  • EN ISO 13485
  • ISO 9001
  • Interlaboratory proficiency testing


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Proven system for improved wellbeing

cerascreen® offers personalised health: Health care, diagnosis and advice you can access right from your home – quickly and easily. Start your preventative healthcare with simply a click on the appropriate product offer. We’ll provide you with comprehensive information about your diagnosis, as well as dietary recommendations and suitable food supplements. No matter whether you suspect an existing food intolerance or allergy, want to explain existing symptoms or simply wish to monitor your current vitamin, mineral or hormone balance – you’ve made the right choice with us!